Meet your wedding photographer

Hello again! It's still me. A small town girl currently located in Central to Northern California, Sacramento is always were I fly out of. Willing to travel anywhere for love.

I'm located a hour outside of Sacramento. But can often be found traveling throughout the country. I have a personal goal to shoot in all 50 states, and internationally.

These moments are what I live for. I'm a sentimental fool who's a poet in my free time, yes I write. I'm also a sap, I'm a softy I cry at most weddings. Chances are if you're crying I'm crying. I'm especially drawn to those intimate moments. Give it to me real, and raw. All the feelings, I can't get enough of them.
I'm a dog mom of two, with an addiction to coffee, coffee is life. A lover of all things nature, exploring, and adventure I will do some pretty extreme things for a beautiful waterfall. They say you shouldn't chase them, but I just can't help myself!
I can be pretty quiet often just soaking it all in. I love laughing, and bring joy to others, dancing, and singing... preferably when no ones listening.
For a dose of super real me read the box below.


Yes that's me the crazy person in the wedding dress! I choose to share this photo because it's linked very heavily to my style, and my why. At the time of my wedding my father was terminally ill, this was one of the last times I saw him before he went on hospice care. An extremely beautiful picture of me not Really. But it is a priceless moment, one which I'm forever grateful for. My style is real and imitate. I strive to capture those little moments, the ones that at the time don't seem to matter. But in the end will matter for a lifetime. Those little moments that are gone to fast, turning them into memories, and keepsakes forever. Through the years my pictures, my memories, my moments. Have become my most valuable possession. I consider it the greatest honor to be able to give such a gift to others.

crazy bride that's me your wedding photographer