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A beautiful day in Roseville, California at Union Brick by Wedgewood

Those who know me, normally know at least two things.

First I'm a lover of nature. When I'm not in nature I love to shoot events at venues that have useable outdoor space.

This venue even though definitely not what I would define as nature, does have beautiful outdoor space for your ceremony.

I'd imagine if you wanted to for smaller intimate affairs you could setup outdoors for your reception as well. It also has a beautiful bridal suite with lots of window light.

That brings me to thing two, I'm a softy! I love emotionally heart touching weddings. This wedding was definitely one of them, these people, were each and every single one of them so beautiful. There were so many little details throughout the day that just made it so special. Everyone involved in every aspect was a close friend or family member. Her aunt made the bouquets, two of her bridesmaids officiated the ceremony itself. Even though it was "her" day she took the time to do her daughters makeup.

The day stated with a special gift the bride had prepared for him, and it unfolded from there.

When these two first met it was setup by mutual friends. Even though she knew she was going to meet him she didn't even bother to change out of her sweats because she didn't feel like getting dressed up. Which only made him try even harder to impress her. Well I guess you know it worked because that first meeting turned into many more which turned into years of dating, and well here they are now. To see their interaction with each other was simply adorable. However on this day it wasn't just two people getting married, you see it was about the joining of a family. Not just becoming a husband but truly being a father.

He sang a song he wrote just to walk his love down the isle, she walked halfway escorted by her brother the second half escorted by her daughter. Once she finally made it and it was time for the ceremony to begin. Something I definitely wasn't expecting happened.

Before he read the vows he'd written to his future wife, he first read vows he'd written for his daughter. It was such a beautiful moment, I honestly don't know who wouldn't be moved to tears.

But coming from a blended family myself here is where I lost it. Don't worry tears don't keep me from being able to do my job guys. For real though I still teary eyed now just thinking about this special day. Weddings that are about moments and memories to me is what it's all about capturing them as they are and preserving them forever.

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