Your Memories Your Adventure

Relived forever

The options for locations to elope in North Cascades are limitless. The words to describe how truly memorizing this place is may fail me. It is a location that truly has it all. What do you want to be a prominent part of your day? Glacier fed lakes, flowering meadows, or panoramic views of snow capped mountains. You can stay at adorable air b&b outside of the park and just come in for the day. Or you can stay in the heat of the North Cascades by taking the lady of the lake ferry to the town of Stehekin.

Whether going on an adventurous hike with just your love

Or bringing the whole family! Anything is possible.

There are a few options for elopement spots that can be driven right up to. Some which even have ramps and trails that are handicapped accessible. So don't want grandma to miss this? Then bring her along! If this something your considering then are a few things you will need to make sure you've crossed off your list.
1. Getting your Washington marriage license.
2. Get your special use permit for the national park.
3. Pick your ideal location
4. Make travel arrangements
5. Hire a photographer... heyyy lol

You know where you want to go, and what you want to do.

What about when!

Additional things to consider. When dealing with nature, weather always has to be taken into account.
Because of high altitudes it can be cold and there can be a lot of snow depending on the time of year. Generally by mid to end of July all the snow has melted from the trails and they are no longer muddy. The best window falls between mid July and late September. The east side will be drier and warmer in the summer than the west side. If summer isn't your thing that's okay? Fall is equally as gorgeous.

Want to bring your furry friend

Please do!

As you'll see this couple did! While it is true that not all trails in North Cascades are dog friendly many of them are. But if having your pup there is important to you there are defiantly gorgeous spots that are available to you! Make this a one day things or stay and turn it into your honeymoon too. Whatever your plans are I'm here for you to help you every step of the way!